Unexpected Foods That Will Increase Your Appetite!



We eat when we are hungry, right? Due to boredom, emotions, too much temptation, etc., we may occasionally eat even when we are not particularly hungry. Nevertheless, we will stop eating when we are full (most of the time). Not difficult at all, is it?

Food contains calories and the macronutrients—protein, fat, and carbohydrates—that provide us energy and make us feel full. This tells the brain that we’ve eaten and are now ready to function until our next meal. But what if we told you that some foods really increase our feelings of hunger?

When attempting to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet, certain meals can make us hungrier, which is bad. The top 20 foods that will leave your stomach (and mind) begging for more are listed below. You might be surprised by a few of these, especially number 18!

Foods With A “Healthy” Label
food with a healthy label

Food makers must come up with inventive ways to persuade us to buy their products in a crowded market where we have a wide variety of food options at our fingertips and shops open around-the-clock. To get our attention, they invest millions on creative marketing initiatives.

One of the most prevalent marketing ploys is to designate a food as “healthy” because so many of us are now making thoughtful, health-conscious decisions. Brands may do this without ever using the word “healthy”; instead, they may use terms like “wholesome” or “natural.” Or they might employ only images—rolling fields, sunshine, and contented people in athletic attire—instead of any words.

However, according to study, this causes us to consume more of it than we otherwise would of something we would deem bad. Furthermore, studies suggest that because we’ve evolved to somehow associate feeling full with unhealthy meals, we often unconsciously tend to feel less satisfied after eating them.

Researchers still don’t fully understand why we think in this way. But as long as you’re not consuming too many calories, by all means eat more of the nutritious foods and in greater portions. Remind yourself that this could be your brain tricking you into thinking you’re hungry when you start to feel hungry shortly after.

Fast Food Increases Your Appetite

Ah, deep-fried foods like pizza, burgers, chips, and other foods. As a treat every now and then, they’re great. However, when we overindulge, don’t we frequently feel bloated and full, possibly with some discomfort and wind? We believe that we will never again be able to eat. However, after a little while, our hunger returns.

Trans fats, preservatives, processed sugars, and salt are all prevalent in fast food. Particularly trans fats and preservatives can interfere with the brain’s ability to communicate with the stomach. This indicates that we don’t release leptin, the satiety hormone that alerts us to our fullness. As a result, we fail to recognize when we are full and instead feel hungry quickly after eating.

And a word about salt. Because they contain salt and chemical flavor enhancers, fast food and takeaways appeal to our palates and senses. These cause our bodies to retain water, causing us to feel bloated and dehydrated and making us exceedingly thirsty. As a result, when we feel hungry after a meal high in salt, we may be be mistaking it for thirst. Choose a glass of water over the remaining chips!


Salad Dressings Without Fat
Salad Dressings Without Fat

Avoid low-fat salad dressings as well. Salads are highly nutritious since they are packed with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a strong immune system and virtually all biological systems in the body.

All that healthiness, though, is lost if we slather our salads in a ton of high fat, high calorie, rich, creamy dressings and oils. So how can a salad be made more exciting without adding calories or fat? Low- or no-fat salad dressings

These may appear to be the ultimate healthy salad dressing, but food producers frequently add a lot of sugar and salt to make up for the lack of fat. For two reasons, this may make us feel hungry again.

After the carbohydrates have been digested, the first blood sugar increase will decrease, making us feel hungry once more. At first, the sugars will induce a spike in blood glucose levels. Second, the salt will make us feel thirsty, and we may mistake this thirst for hunger when we’re actually not hungry. Therefore, it may be preferable to select a typical salad dressing and use it sparingly.


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