The Social Pressures Faced By Women Who Are Infertile Due To The Stigma Around Infertility




Every culture welcomes and enthusiastically celebrates the beginning of pregnancy. Social pressure begins since families expect the couple to announce their pregnancy as soon as possible. Families must realize that the couple’s decision to marry is a personal one. It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business to intervene if they wish to take some time to plan their family. It is acceptable for a couple to publicly state their decision to postpone having children for a while, but what about couples who desire children but are unable to conceive despite years of trying?

Their stress levels may rise as a result of the persistent asking, which may also lower their chances of getting pregnant. Families occasionally don’t think twice about adding to their unhappiness and hopelessness. Imagine the distress of a woman who is frequently questioned about having children, making it increasingly harder for her to disclose infertility. Even if there is an increasing awareness of family planning in India, the stigma associated with infertility still permeates the culture.

The stigma around infertility
The WHO reports that infertility cases are rising in India by 17%, yet most couples cannot afford the necessary treatments. Sometimes the issue is not the number of clinics, but rather the level of public knowledge of the problem. Couples often reluctant and uninformed to talk about these difficulties, and coping with infertility often involves overcoming the stigma associated with it, which is especially true for women. Even in the most liberal families in the nation, discussing sex and infertility is uncommon. Growing the family tree is expected of women, who frequently experience social pressure to do so. It becomes quite challenging for individuals to survive with such health issues in such a situation.

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What negative societal effects result from infertility?
Having children gives parents a sense of social status and emotional fulfillment. Parents also view them as an investment in their later years. Unfortunately, women who disclose their infertility may experience domestic abuse, emotional hardship, and social humiliation. In rural places where people may be less aware of these issues, there may be more severe repercussions.

Additionally, the male spouse may frequently be having problems with his fertility but refuses to be examined. The female partner, who is held accountable for not becoming pregnant, must bear the consequences. If the woman is unable to bear children, the husbands may remarry. It is crucial that men undergo fertility testing as well in order to protect women against abuse.

Identifying ways to eradicate the stigma
Since many people are reluctant to discuss such health issues, acceptance is the first step in eradicating the stigma. People would sooner turn to spiritual guidance than a licensed physician. Especially for those who live in remote areas, the idea of developing infertility is worrisome. To raise people’s knowledge of such challenges, more awareness is required in this area. They must understand the fundamentals of how reproduction functions and that factors like infertility are beyond a person’s control. Only the dissemination of accurate information and the aid of medical technology will be able to eradicate these stigmas. But accepting who you are comes first.

Numerous techniques have been made possible by medical technology and are assisting thousands of couples in conceiving. Being infertile is not something to be ashamed of. Ensure that you educate everyone around you and that you provide them with accurate information. We can only overcome this stigma by disseminating reliable information. Make sure you arm yourself with reliable information and seek out the appropriate assistance.


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