No more “home” button: Does the iPhone SE 2023 look about right to you?



When it comes to the standard iPad, Apple has rented out the physical Home button. Now it appears as though the same fate would befall the button on the iPhone SE in 2023.
Smartphones with physical buttons below the screen are an anachronism at this point. In any case, the Apple corporation has remained steadfast on that point, at least with regard to its retirement plan. The iPhone SE is the last smartphone of its kind to feature the original Home button introduced with the original iPhone. A feature that it shared until very recently with the entry-level iPad. However, Apple has redesigned the latter, effectively rendering obsolete the device’s dated user interface. The change is aesthetically pleasing, but it will be a big one for many users to get used to at first.
Apple iPhone SE 4 design leaked, expected to launch in 2023
This may also be of interest to iPhone SE users. Apple’s Spar-Handy is well-known for its ability to pack cutting-edge technology into a seemingly hopeless retro case. Even the newest model from the third generation still has the Home-Button, in addition to the thick Display-Balken on the top and bottom of the screen. In the new year, he may decide to join his iPad coworkers in retirement in order to make room for a somewhat larger display. At least, that’s what leaked images purporting to show the iPhone SE 2023’s design suggest.
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Apple’s latest iPhone SE 4 features a notch and Face ID.
Jon Prosser, a well-informed but occasionally sideways-looking industry insider, is the source of these computer-generated renders. He claims to have had them made based on confidential information. He showcases these publicly available images on his YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, and the website associated with it. Once the comparisons are proven accurate, Apple will use the iPhone XR’s design for the iPhone SE 4. Jon Prosser started spreading those rumors back in August of 2022. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that the Leaker has now unveiled a device that, at first glance, seems virtually identical to the XR model from 2018.


The corners of the 6.1-inch screen are rounded off gently, and the display itself has a rather wide bezel and a sizable notch at the top for the Face ID sensor. Indeed, that would be the most significant improvement to the iPhone SE. Up until now, the only way to unlock the phone was by using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the Home button. He seems to have disappeared, replaced by Apple’s cheap smartphone, which will likely use facial recognition in the future. The new iPhone SE 4 will be available in three colors: “Midnight” (black), “Starlight” (silver), and “Product Red” (red). Jon Prosser does not provide technical details. We’ll have to wait and see whatever chip Apple ultimately decides to use. Since the iPhone 14 still uses the A15 processor, it’s likely that the iPhone SE 4 will also be based on the same chip.


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