COVID-19 Increases Your Risk Of Psychiatric Disorders



The number of corona infections across the nation during the past week is a serious worry. After February and March, the number of daily cases is once more exceeding 4,000. The number of patients has, however, somewhat decreased from the day before if we compare the daily figures over the past 24 hours. Despite all of this, the health department faces difficulties due to the resurgence of active cases. Along with the corona infection, other health issues brought on by it also stand out as a big problem-solver.

Growing Risk Of Mental Illness
While this is going on, a team of researchers looking into corona infection discovered that within a month of having the SARS-CoV-2 virus, people can develop psychiatric issues. According to experts, COVID-19 raises problems with both physical and mental health. This illustration shows that COVID-19 is not a respiratory tract infection.

What Results Did the Study Show?
Researchers examined data from 46,610 individuals in a study that was published in the World Psychiatry Journal. After receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis, the patients’ conditions were checked between 21 and 120 days later, and then again between 120 and 365 days afterwards. Based on this, researchers estimated that patients with COVID-19 had a 3.8% chance of having a mental condition. As a result, if this is not addressed right away, the situation could get worse.

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Psychiatric Conditions
In a study, Oregon State University (OSU) researchers discovered that COVID-19 encourages psychiatric illnesses in those who are infected. After an infection, some people may experience issues within a month. However, if these are not addressed in a timely manner, the chance of getting a mental condition increases by around 25% in just four months.

Increase Of 50% In Corona Cases
Due to the recent spike in virus cases around the nation, health professionals have urged people to exercise caution. According to statistics, the number of corona cases in Mumbai alone increased by 50% during the preceding five days.

The COVID-19 recovery rate may potentially be impacted by mental illness. On the basis of this, doctors have urged that COVID-19 patients’ mental health receive special attention. Additionally, experts advise that everyone keep taking precautions to avoid corona infection.


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