Akute Bronchitis – was Atemnot bedeutet



Acute Bronchitis is particularly associated with Huskies and is frequently seen during the cold season. Does apprehension fit among the typical symptoms?

The most important points in brief
When does acute bronchitis cause asthma to manifest?
Quick Bronchitis and Atemnot: When to the Doctor?
The bronchial sloughs become entzündet during an acute bronchitis, typically as a result of a viral infection during an illness. A typical sign of bronchitis is husten that initially appears dry and then progresses to include vomit.

Additionally, it frequently results in additional erection problems, such as mild fidgeting, headaches, dizziness, sneezing, and leg and head pain. Atemnot can occasionally accompany an acute bronchitis, however that is more unusual for the condition.

When does acute bronchitis cause asthma to manifest?
If acute bronchitis progresses to asthma, that may be a warning sign. Because the most common cause of a breathing problem is another lung condition:

either one that already existed or one that developed as a result of the acute bronchitis, such as a lung encumbrance.
When bronchitis develops as a result of another lung condition (such as asthma or COPD), the affected person’s wheezing is frequently more obvious.


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On the other hand, a sudden onset of bronchitis following a lung infection is often far less common. The body’s defense mechanisms are typically weakened or victims have not developed their bodies’ defense mechanisms enough when this happens, especially if another lung disease was present beforehand.

Spastic Bronchitis in Young Children

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In young children, an acute bronchitis frequently develops in conjunction with congested airways, which may lead to asthma. The technical term for this is “spasmodic Bronchitis.”

Determine signs: These symptoms point to an acute bronchitis.
Disease duration: This progression is typical of a bronchitis.
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Quick Bronchitis and Atemnot: When to the Doctor?
Acute bronchitis typically progresses without difficulty and resolves quickly (without the need of antibiotics). Although not a typical sign of an acute bronchitis in adults, apnea should always be treated quickly and medically diagnosed. While it does more frequently occur in young children during an acute bronchitis, parents should still seek medical advice right away in this situation.


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